About Your Water

Water delivered to customers in Berkeley County comes from a variety of groundwater and surface sources. Our largest source of water is the Potomac River. The Potomac River Water Filtration Plant produces about 2.5 million gallons each day and serves customers in the northern half of Berkeley County.
In the southern part of Berkeley County the primary water source is LeFevre Spring near Bunker Hill. Treated water from the Bunker Hill Plant serves customers from the Virginia State line north to Martinsburg and east to Baker Heights.  West of Inwood, the wells at the Springdale Farm development pump water to the Gerrardstown area.
Glenwood Forrest has its own separate system of groundwater wells.  We also purchase water from the City of Martinsburg and have an emergency interconnection with the Frederick County, Virginia water system.
All of the water supplied to customers is treated to make it safe for public consumption.  Our treatment facilities are designed and operated to meet all Federal and State Health requirements.  We routinely test our treated water to ensure that it meets all the established requirements.  Once a year we publish a report that summarizes our testing results.  The current report can be downloaded (see document link below)


Learn more about the PFAS Exposure Study.

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